Osteoarthritis Treatment

In a field where hyaluronic acids are often considered to be the same, GenVisc 850 is different because it has a unique reimbursement code and gives you the regimen options for you to decide what’s best for each individual patient. It’s you after all, that makes GenVisc 850 work.

Reimbursement Code J7320

Flexible Dosing

Approved for 5 injections, but some patients may benefit from as few as 3 injections.


  • GenVisc 850 has the largest and longest duration double blind clinical study of hyaluronic acids for knee osteoarthritis.1
  • GenVisc 850 has been published in over 30 clinical studies.2


  • Safe as saline placebo
  • Free of avian proteins
  • Demonstrated safe for repeat injection cycles


  • Provides significant pain relief with results that last 2
  • Demonstrated improvement in pain relief up to 30 weeks post first injection cycle 2
  • Demonstrated improvement of total WOMAC index at 30 weeks: Pain, stiffness and functional capacity 1

Professional Info About Genvisc 850
Now approved in 64 countries with over 45 million syringes distributed worldwide.2 †